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You say tomato – I say tomÃto

These methods of printing are almost indistinguishable. One man’s flyer is another man’s brochure. Luckily at present these are all VAT zero-rated, so one print type can easily blend into another print type without repercussions. However, the basic definitions are:


  • Consist of a single sheet of paper not greater than A4 size
  • Intended to held in the hand
  • Convey information
  • Printed on limp paper
  • Designed to be read a few times and then thrown away


  • Several sheets of reading matter folded or fastened together
  • Contain advertising material


  • Similar to brochures but are usually comprised of material of political, social or intellectual nature


A card folder for holding loose leaf sheets. The folder is printed with your design then folded and glued. The folder is oversize A4 or A5 with or without a gusset, and with either a bottom or right hand flap. The A4 folder can incorporate business card slots.


Flyers are usually inexpensive hand outs – a white 80gm sheet of paper A6 (postcard size) with a brief message printed in black may be sufficient.

For example:

This will get the message across quickly. If the receiver is interested they will either remember the details or pin it on the notice board. If not – chuck it out. Due to the low-cost of the production they are usually printed in large quantities to reach as many people as possible. Of course they can be printed in coloured ink on coloured paper, and on both sides. But remember they are usually binned so a “short sharp shock” message is recommended.


If you require something more sustainable then a leaflet is the next choice, anything up to A4 size. This is a more permanent message detailing the services you offer along with pictures, photos, maps etc. As this designed to be kept, it is worthwhile remembering – the heavier the paper, the more likely someone is to keep it! Usual sizes are A5 and A4. These can be folded down to make handling easier thus creating 4 or 6 pages of text.
(N.B. If a leaflet is printed one side only it may be classed as a poster and subject to VAT)


Usually used by guest houses, local attractions, health & beauty specialists etc., a favourite style is A4 folded down to DL (1/3 A4) creating 6 pages of text. The clever use of 6 pages creates the illusion of more information and areas of text can be easily identified. If used as a price list then the text is broken down into blocks. Photos are a necessity for attractions and advertising, and if applicable, maps and location indicators are useful.

Our advice would be to print on coated paper if photos are involved. If not, consider a textured paper or board, something to attract the other senses.

Warning: Do not use textured material for photos unless you want a mottled look. Be careful if you choose a coloured paper as the ink soaks into the paper and takes on some of the colour of the paper, e.g. print blue on yellow and it will have a greenish tint!

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  • What do you do?
  • How much information are you providing?
  • Who are your prospective customers/clients
  • Do you want photos/diagrams/maps/
  • Paper choice
  • Colours
  • Quantity
  • Folding

Please note that whilst we offer every help in producing your literature we are not copy writers. We will help with wording, layout, style, grammar and spelling, but cannot write your text.

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