Commercial Printing

Invoices, Delivery notes, Consignment notes, Order pads, Contracts, Credit notes, Statements, Service forms, Receipts

DUPLICATE COPIES – NCR (no carbon required)

Invoices, Delivery notes, Consignment notes, Order pads, Contracts, Credit notes, Statements
Service forms, Receipts

Commercial Print Documents

These can be made up into loose sets, pads or books and are usually in 2 or 3 part sets (but can be more). You write on the top copy and the details are carbon copied onto the copies below.

Loose Sets: Each individual set is glued together. The loose sets can also be padded at the head so they hold together as a pad but each set is individually glued at the bottom.

Pads: These have a back board and front card cover. The front card cover can then be inserted under each set to prevent mark through. Once the set is completed it is removed and the inserted card becomes the cover again. These are usually just padded at the head.

Book: Usually with back and front cover stapled on the left or head, and taped over with a linen tape. Top copy (or copies) is perforated to be removed, and the bottom copy stays fast in the book.

  • It is usually cheaper to have all parts printed identical with recipient details at the bottom. e.g.
    Top copy – white – customer
    Middle copy – blue – delivery
    Bottom copy – pink – office.
  • If required we can also print hatched areas on lower copies. You write all the details on the top copy but the copies underneath have small printed marks on to prevent the writing being legible. This is usually used to cover up costings.
  • The top copy is usually white for clarity but other colours are available. Following copies are pale tints or white. There is also 157gm card available for the bottom copy.
  • You may wish to have contracts printed on the reverse of the top (customers) copy. This is usually printed in grey.
  • All parts can be numbered. We keep a record of all the numbering sequences, so you can just ring up and order another 20 pads and we will have your numbering sequence on file.
  • Receipt pads are usually required by councils, colleges, schools etc and are A4 size with 3-8 receipts per page. These can be perforated both horizontally and vertically.

What we need to know:

  • Book, pad or loose
  • How many parts per set?
  • Does it need numbering?
  • Does it need perforating?
  • Are all parts printed the same?
  • Are there conditions or contracts on the reverse?
  • Ink colours required
  • How many books/pads
  • How many in a book/pad*

* We would recommend 100 sets in 2 part NCR and 50 sets in 3 part NCR.


These are designed to be run through your own computer and laser or inkjet printed. We can reproduce sage accounting system formatted stationery. When we have all your details we will run you off a handful of proofs for you to try through your printer to ensure everything lines up correctly with your printer settings.


  • Labels
  • Desk pads
  • Memo pads
  • Telephone pads
  • Swing tickets
  • Price tags
  • Health & Safety Literature
  • Sign

If it’s not on the list – give me a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do!

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