Business Stationery

Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Continuation Sheets.

“The window to your company”

Many companies print these off on their own computers but once colour becomes a factor, or a lot of letterheads produced, this can work out expensive.

Professionally printed letterheads can save you money as well look impressive.

  • If you want a coloured band or a rule across the paper, on most desk top printers this does not go right to the edge of the paper.
  • We can even print watermark effects.
  • An ever increasing trend is to print a solid shade on the reverse of the paper.

Do not go for cheap photocopy paper.

  • Make a good impression by the quality of your stationery.
  • 100gm weight is probably a minimum.
  • These are usually printed on the press although for small quantities can be printed digitally.
  • We keep many different weights, colours and finishes of paper in stock. If however, nothing takes your fancy, we have swatches to look at, and can usually obtain samples from our suppliers within a few days.
  • Most papers produced now are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers, we can give you information on any sheet you are interested in.

Once a style is created for the letterhead this can be adapted for continuation sheets and compliment slips.

  • The heading does not have to be in too many colours.
  • Several shades of one main colour are just as effective.
  • Usually the design of the compliment slip will lend itself to one way or the other, for a change think about the compliment slip being portrait instead of landscape.

With the effects of global warming, choosing environmentally friendly paper is imperative. Most papers are derived from woodpulp sourced from sustainable forests, and are bleached using processes with lower polluting effluent. There are also many ranges of recycled paper.

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